Bloody Good Bakery

Those Are Some Bloody Good Treats

Taking a subtle and comedic approach to the classic bakery, the Bloody Good Bakery draws interest as you slowly discover the bloody inspiration in its design. At a first glance, the bakery has a classic black and white theme with an accent of sweet red, utilizing ink illustrations and textured spots of color. But looking closer into phrasing and design, you will start to notice unusual terminology in the advertisements and red fingerprints on all the packaging. All these secrets may make you wonder that maybe there is a deeper reason why everything is splattered in red.

Roles: Concept, Copywriter, Illustrator, Designer

Mock-ups & Merch


First steps were to brainstorm and sketch out different logo and branding concepts for the bakery. This helped to find the style and mood of the imagery, as well as try out different ways to incorporate the combined themes of blood and baked goods.

Ink was used for most of the image making for the brand, with baked goods drawn with a point dip pen and expressive blobs of ink made with a paintbrush, which were then colored and overlayed. I also created handprints and fingerprints to pull into the design to add to the subtle creepy imagery.

Projection Mapping Display Video

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